Oakwell Companies, LLC.

Family of Contractors since 1943

Oakwell's Mission Statement

To provide services through honesty and valuing employees and clients while maintaining integrity in project selection and management, having construction practices that focus on quality and meeting client goals, and expanding on relationships for symbiotic, managed growth.

General Company Information

Since 1943, the Smoak family has been owners of construction enterprises in the North Florida area with building and all related businesses that encompass the facilities over the years. The Smoak name has always been held to certain standards of honesty, quality, and service that have led to providing construction services for over 73 years.

Knowledge resulting from an accumulation of this family business is invaluable in assisting Oakwell clients beyond the construction and/or design part of the project. Bringing an experience of vast types of business of which a contractor becomes intimately involved to ensure success of the project, allows Oakwell to analyze the approach to a project through many different aspects. This perspective enables Oakwell clients to be the most efficient possible in the construction and business phases of any project.